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Traction Motors

M R Engineering has been repairing traction motors for local trams for many years. Our process has continually improved to provide our customers with the highest experience.

Our Basic Overhaul Includes:

  • Disassemble motor
  • Clean all parts
  • Inspect all metal parts for distortion and wear
  • Electrical test the armature and field coils
  • Turn to Turn Surge test
  • Hipot Ground test
  • Core loss test the armature
  • Turn, undercut, and balance the armature
  • New brushes if required
  • New bearings
  • Rebuilt brush holders
  • New seals and gaskets
  • Run test the motor under no load condition.
  • Check the running vibration on the assembled motor
  • Paint the motor

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Siemens Motors

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Danfoss Inverters

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