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Servo Motors

M R Engineering is the industry leader in electric motor repair as well as Servo Drive Repairs. Each motor is mechanically and electrically tested upon arrival.

A servo motor is an intricate device which is can be precisely controlled with regards to speed, position, direction, torque. It is unique in that its controller, if capable, will make appropriate corrections for speed, position, direction, torque. Also, the small size and high speed with high torque and positioning capabilities make it ideal for precision manufacturing. Because of its complexity, servo motors require specialized repair equipment and techniques.

In order to properly repair your Servo motor & servo drive repair we need to have a good working relationship with the factory and original technical data sheets to obtain the finite specifications for the servomotor.
We repair all types of servos, from DC brush type and AC and DC brushless servo motors to stepper motors Whether your problem is electronic, electrical and/or mechanical we provided the most complete diagnosis and repair.

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