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Dynamic Balancing

The smoother running of equipment once the careful balancing procedure has taken place will improve efficiency, reduce noise, reduce vibration and improve safety.

In-house and on-site balancing, vibration analysis, laser alignment, condition monitoring surveys.
B150 F Balancing machine
IRD Mechanalysis
Diameter: 8.8 FT
Bed Length: 18.5 FT Bearing centres
Capacity: 7000KGS
c/w Entek IRD 290TC Balancing Instrument
ROZH RH 711C and PL31 Digital collectors also used for on-site data
Geisler Balancing Machine / IRD 246 Balancing Instrument

Diameter: 6 FT
Bed Length:  7 FT Bearing centres
Capacity: 200 KGS
c/w  IRD 246 Portable Balancing Instrument also used for on-site data
       IRD 256 Portable Balancing Instrument also used for on-site data

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Danfoss Inverters

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