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Coreloss testing

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                                                                Missing rotor bars


Core Loss Testing provides a quick and efficient method for determining core losses found in the core steel of stators, rotors, and armatures, we recognized that core loss was a significant cause of wasted electrical energy that could result from overheating during operation or during winding burnout, as well as from physical damage. Subsequent analysis revealed that core loss is second only to copper loss in motor windings in causing motor inefficiency. Without core loss testing, it cannot be determined that a motor is capable of operating at rated efficiency after rebuilding.

The Core Loss Tester provides the following Advantages:

  • Identifies motors with damaged cores that should not be repaired.
  • Identifies motors with damaged cores that should be repaired.
  • Verifies the effectiveness of the core repairs.
  • Protects against premature failures, thereby assuring greater reliability, operating efficiency, reduced warranty costs and generally helps to protect the investment in the motor.
  • Helps to Maintain Energy Efficiency.
  • Assists in documenting the repair or quality control process.
  • The test history that is automatically stored by the Core Loss Tester Software not only assists in documenting the repair process, but also can be used as an analysis tool.

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