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Baker D12R surge testing

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D12R Digital Surge/ HiPot / Resistance Tester

In house or on site testing 


Electric insulation testing capabilities made easy with the use of Digital Technology. All standardized tests are included in this 12Kv unit. Tests include Megohm, PI, Resistance, HiPot, and Surge

The D12R is the newest digital tester offered by Baker Instrument Company. This instrument is designed to maximize testing capabilities in a lightweight, sturdy format. Additional testing capabilities have been added to the tester, to make it a more comprehensive tool for predictive maintenance. As with the other digital testers, the new D12R’s high precision testing capabilities allows data collection in the shop or the field. The results can then be printed immediately or stored for later use.

Resistance, HiPot and surge in One Tester

With the D12R Digital Winding Tester from Baker, you can perform Resistance, HiPot and Surge tests.

The Resistance Test verifies the existence of dead shorts within the turn-to-turn coils, shows any imbalances between phases due to turn count differences, along with locating poor wire connections or contacts.

DC HiPot testing detects faults in groundwall/earth insulation, and also provides a complete Polarization Index test. The groundwall/earth insulation system consists of the wires insulation, slot liner insulation, wedges, varnish, and sometimes phase paper.

Test results from up to 10 motors in the field can be stored, retrieved, printed, and uploaded to a desktop program for file management and analysis. Each of these 10 motor records has its own memory location. Each location can store up to three surge wave patterns plus DC hipot test voltage and current. The Digital Winding Tester can operate on its own in the field, and then transfer the test data to a computer running Baker's Motor Test Acquisition (MTA for Windows) software for further analysis. MTA for Windows provides database capabilities, waveform comparison, report generation, printouts, and other functions that turn test data into usable information. All options are easily accessed with on-screen prompts.

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